Rainbow Carousel was created when founder and designer, Audrey decided to decorate her kids’ room with motivational prints. She developed her unusual skill of writing upside down during school days. Writing letters were a norm then and she wanted to make the letters fun and also disguise her usual handwriting. While growing up, she still wrote upside down whenever she wanted a twist in her writing. Audrey is a dreamer, since young she had dreams of owning a pretty café, creating her own line of stationery and enhancing the lives of orphaned & under privileged children particularly.

She believes dreams do come true, if hard work and resilience is put together in the same equation. At 2012, she opened her first bakery bistro Little House of Dreams and in 2018, she is pursuing her other dream with the birth of Rainbow Carousel.

Rainbow Carousel’s style is unique and identifiable by its signature hand drawn and hand written creations throughout all the 3 main categories – Stationery  Home  Kids. Each category is developed to cater to various stages of life from school to work and from setting up your own home to becoming parents.

A big focus of Rainbow Carousel is also about giving back. Please check our Giving Back page for more information.

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